Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Calling all Couples

OK, so I admit it - after declaring to anyone who would listen that I had no interest in the Royal Wedding and would most definitely not be watching I gave into temptation and switched on. It was only for five minutes but I just had to see the dress. And then I got a bit... well... interested. My boyfriend caught me kneeling in front of the TV with my face practically glued to the screen (I'd turned the sound down so he wouldn't hear what I was up to). The truth is, as I've written here before, everyone's a sucker for a love story.
Now the hysteria around THAT wedding has died down (well, kind of) here at Medavia we're turning our attention to all the other wonderful couples out there.
We're looking for couples to star in magazine and newspaper articles aimed at highlighting diversity, courage, talent and uniqueness in Britain.
Below is a list of the kind of couples we're looking for. If you, or someone you know, is interested, email me with more info to

·         A COUPLE AGAINST ALL THE ODDS – Have you and your partner experienced tragedy, drama, or betrayal which threatened to tear you apart, yet you stayed together against all odds?
·         BRITAIN’S MOST UNLIKELY COUPLE – Is there a remarkable story behind how you met? 
·         COUPLES WITH BRILLIANT AND BIZARRE BODIES – Tall, large, small, thin – are you and your man an extreme couple physically? Perhaps you are polar opposites? Have you both had weight issues? Or are you proud of your body image?
·         BRITAIN’S YOUNGEST PARENTS – How old were you and your partner when you became parents?
·         BRITAIN’S MOST TABOO COUPLE – Do you and your partner break sexual, social and emotional boundaries in your relationship?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Misbehaving Mums to Be

I've been fascinated by the recent BBC3 Misbehaving Mums to Be series. For those who haven't seen it, each week the programme follows three pregnant girls/women who have habits that could harm their unborn baby - these have included smoking, binging on junk food and under-eating. Specialists midwives work with the mums to be to help them kick their unhealthy addictions.
The image I've found most shocking so far was the girl who balanced a full ashtray on her pregnant bump while explaining that the first thing she does in the morning is reach for her fags. Sadly, in both the programmes I've seen so far the nicotine-addicted mums have found the idea of quitting too much and stopped filming. It's easy to judge - I smoke a bit but have always vowed that the minute I fall pregnant I will quit - but it seems that it's just not that easy. The same goes for the girls who eat unhealthily - they know what they['re putting in their mouths (or not) could damage their child but in practice it takes real willpower to break habits they've had for years.
The midwives featured in the documentaries are so inspiring and so far they've helped most of the girls to make some really positive changes. They don't lecture the mums, they just help them to see how they could be healthier.
One quibble is that the mums to be who agreed to take part in the programme must have been aware they had a problem and had some desire to do something about it, which is half the battle. But hopefully it will inspire others watching to think more carefully about how their choices are affecting their unborn baby, and to realise that help is available.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Summer Holidays

With the first rays of sunshine over the weekend it seems as though summer is finally on its way. I'm counting down the days until my holiday to France in June (a whole two weeks off, I can't wait...)
But I've still got just over a month before I can turn off my computer, so I'm focussing on finding some really juicy features before I head off.
With magazines starting to plan their summer issues I'm turning my attention to summer holiday stories.
Holidays are the time when we tend to throw caution to the wind. There's something about that mixture of being away from home and in a warm climate,  that makes people lose all their normal inhibitions. The fact that it's suddenly acceptable to have cocktails with breakfast doesn't help either (or is that just me?)
The result is great stories - romances (both good and bad), life-changing moments, terrible holiday disasters...It's amazing what can happen on a two week package holiday in the sun.
So for the next few weeks I'm going to be firmly pushing all thoughts of my own holiday (sunbathing, sipping wine on the beach, spending all day reading magazines and eating as much as I want....mmmm) to the back of my mind and concentrating on speaking to other people about their adventures overseas.
If you've got a great holiday story which you'd like to share, get in touch. You can email me at
Here's a picture of a beach to keep us all going in the meantime.

Friday, 18 February 2011

This week I'm looking for

Do you let your child drink or take drugs? Maybe they have a much older girlfriend/boyfriend who you have welcomed into your home. Or maybe you’ve paid for your child to have plastic surgery. Have other criticised you for the way you’re bringing up your children? Would you like to put the record straight?

Have you been the victim of a crime at the hands of someone you loved – a partner, parent or sibling? They will need to have been convicted of the crime.

Have you been married five times or more? Are you about to get married again?

Did you catch your man cheating with another woman? Was it someone you knew – maybe even a friend or a sister? Did you forgive them? The more unusual the story, the higher the fee.

Was you partner hiding a shocking secret? Maybe they’d committed a terrible crime, or had another family. Did you turn detective to uncover their secret life?

Have you lost weight in an unusual way? Perhaps you devised your own diet or exercise regime, or came up with a strange incentive to encourage yourself to lose weight. We will need before and after photos.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Love: Lost and Found

With Valentine's Day just been and gone, this week seems like a good time to post about long lost love.
I always love these stories where couples rediscover each other years after they originally broke up and find all those old feelings are still there. It's so romantic. 
Of course it can also be very disruptive when they've married in the meantime and often people can end up getting hurt. I remember years back there were a string of stories about Friends Reunited breaking up marriages after old school romances were reignited. Nowadays it seems to be Facebook, or even Twitter, that are the main culprits.
I suppose love - and life - are never simple, and you just have to do what you can. And I think it's inspiring to hear that the decisions you make don't always have to be final, and there are second chances.  
Here's a story of mine that was published in Woman's Own last week. I'd love to hear any of yours about starting over with someone from your past.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Monday, 31 January 2011

Going to the chapel

For the last few years the Office for National Statistics has reported that marriage rates are at their lowest since records began.
Last year it was reported that, for the first time ever, fewer than two in 100 women over the age of 16 got married in a single year.
The rising cost of weddings and cultural changes, such as women working and wanting to get married later, or not at all, have all contributed to the decline in marriage.
With these statistics in mind, this week I'm exploring the reasons why women do or don't get married, and looking for women with stories to illustrate the arguments for and against.
Perhaps you went through with your wedding only to regret it afterwards. Or did family and/or friends try to talk you out of it? id you overcome all the odds to get married and was it the happiest day of your life - or did you break up on honeymoon and vow never to marry again? Or maybe you came close to marriage and decided against it at the very last minute.
Whatever your story, I want to hear it, so please get in touch. Email