Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Calling all Couples

OK, so I admit it - after declaring to anyone who would listen that I had no interest in the Royal Wedding and would most definitely not be watching I gave into temptation and switched on. It was only for five minutes but I just had to see the dress. And then I got a bit... well... interested. My boyfriend caught me kneeling in front of the TV with my face practically glued to the screen (I'd turned the sound down so he wouldn't hear what I was up to). The truth is, as I've written here before, everyone's a sucker for a love story.
Now the hysteria around THAT wedding has died down (well, kind of) here at Medavia we're turning our attention to all the other wonderful couples out there.
We're looking for couples to star in magazine and newspaper articles aimed at highlighting diversity, courage, talent and uniqueness in Britain.
Below is a list of the kind of couples we're looking for. If you, or someone you know, is interested, email me with more info to

·         A COUPLE AGAINST ALL THE ODDS – Have you and your partner experienced tragedy, drama, or betrayal which threatened to tear you apart, yet you stayed together against all odds?
·         BRITAIN’S MOST UNLIKELY COUPLE – Is there a remarkable story behind how you met? 
·         COUPLES WITH BRILLIANT AND BIZARRE BODIES – Tall, large, small, thin – are you and your man an extreme couple physically? Perhaps you are polar opposites? Have you both had weight issues? Or are you proud of your body image?
·         BRITAIN’S YOUNGEST PARENTS – How old were you and your partner when you became parents?
·         BRITAIN’S MOST TABOO COUPLE – Do you and your partner break sexual, social and emotional boundaries in your relationship?

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